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THS history by Mrs Filsinger

In 1973 Troy Holiness School became a reality.  God helped in a marvelous way.  After the foundation was completed, the building was completed with volunteer labor.  Some of those volunteers were Rev. Dilwyn Goins our district superintendent, Rev. George Prior(who borrowed money to live on in order to work on the school) , Clem Jones, Wilmer McCardie, Bud Lavy, and  Otto (Gene) Filsinger. These are people I knew who helped, but there were many more who sacrificed, worked, prayed and gave.

Was it worthwhile?  When I think of the students that I know who went on to be ministers, missionaries, youth pastors, pastor’s wives, teachers, lawyers, judges, and workers in their community who support God’s work, yes, it has been more than worthwhile!

Troy Holiness School stands without apology for the old-time Gospel and the highest standards of morality and Christian behavior.  As I look at our student body today, I wonder where God will lead each of them.  It is always exciting to see God at work!  Our mission at Troy Holiness School still stands as a beacon of light in a dark world.

I feel blessed to have been a part over the years.  My prayer is that our students will leave with an unshakeable belief in Jesus Christ and know the power of His saving grace. 

- Velma Filsinger

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